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County Court Judgement (CCJ )

CCJ and how to Remove CCJ

A County Court Judgment (CCJ) is a ruling stating that you are responsible for a debt that hasn't been satisfied.

Our team of experts will help you in CCJ

When someone i.e. Claimant, initiates proceedings against you in County Court and consequently is successful, then they have won their case against you and have obtained COURT Judgment in their favour against you. This is known as a County Court Judgment (CCJ). Frequently we ascertain from our clients that a Default Judgment was obtained against them. This of course is very likely if the client did not engage in proceedings due to claimant issuing proceedings at an old address.

The CCJ Appears in your credit file and the register of judgments. If you do not remove the CCJ it would remain on your credit file for 6 years.

Yes it has the most detrimental effect on your credit file even some experts would suggest that it has a more harmful consequence for your overall score than other elements such as missed payments. It is best to endeavour to remove CCJ from your credit file.

A CCJ can be removed by way of filing the relevant documents at County Court and with the permission of a court. Our team of experts are happy to provide a free initial 30 minutes consultation to review your matter and provide valuable input on how to progress your case further to remove the CCJ.

It depends on the complexity of the case and the facts. We endeavour to work on such case on a fixed fee basis to maintain transparency. For a quote and further details on our rates please kindly contact us. Our fees start from £300 as fixed for simple cases.

Clients who have approached us in the past have reported serious issues such as struggling to get a mortgage, or car loans or credit cards and the list is not exhaustive. The claimant has the right to enforce the judgment and instruct bailiffs to visit your property and take items, depending on the amount of the debt that you are now required to pay. Additionally, they have the authority to access your property under specific conditions and compile a list of the items that can be removed.

We have many clients who frequently instruct us on cases where the Claimant obtains Judgment at their previous address. It is common for these clients to become privy to the existence of the dreaded CCJ through their credit file. Usually it is an old debt with small value, but it can potentially be any sum ordered against you. It is very likely that it is a default judgment entered against you. If you have just learned that there exist a CCJ on your credit file then please contact us immediately for a free 30 minutes consultation, as time is of the essence in such cases. We will endeavour to provide you with necessary advice to put your mind at ease and help you to remove this CCJ.

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