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EVICTION 101 for Landlords and Tenants – RESIDENTIAL EVICTION

A tenant's eviction in England and Wales requires the Landlords to adopt either the option of evicting tenants via a Section 8 or Section 21 Notice (Fixed or Periodic).

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After the fixed term expires, an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) can be ended by serving a Section 21 Notice, also referred to as a Notice Requiring Possession.

A fixed-term tenancy has a predetermined termination date. Periodic tenancies automatically renew each week or month and have no expiry date. After a fixed term has ended, a tenancy automatically converts to a periodic tenancy if neither party decides to terminate it.

Landlords often use a Section 21 Notice to end a fixed or periodic Assured Shorthold Tenancy and reclaim ownership of the property once the term has passed.

The following details are included in a Section 21 Notice:

Should provide

– Repossession Date

– Landlord’s name, Address, and Contact Information and Tenant’s name and address

– Date the notification is served

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Tenant Rights – Eviction If your landlord has given you a notice to vacate your property, you might be entitled to stay for a longer amount of time after the notice has expired. The type of arrangement you have with your landlord does, however, affect this. We will enable you to comprehend you rights and assist you in determining the type of tenancy you currently hold because on occasions the written tenancy agreements may not reflect your rights as a tenant. Once ascertained we will then assist you in dealing with the next step in your matter whether it is a Section 21 Notice you have received or if it is a later stage of proceedings i.e. possession proceedings in court.